Provençal cooking class

Client’s brief: an enjoyable day for four people familiarising themselves with provençal cooking, creating dishes that they can reproduce themselves at home and which don’t take too long to prepare.

Suggested schedule:

A six -seven hour class of participation and demonstration starting at 9 -9.30 am.

Cost for four people 500 euro

Introduction to the main features of provençal cooking, it’s history, local customs, it’s current place in today’s healthy eating habits with emphasis on freshness, vegetables, herbs and seasonability.


Boned Roast shoulder of Lamb stuffed with Olives with a balsamic Tomato sauce
A variety of Petits Farcis (stuffed vegetables)
Tian Provençal (gratin of provençal vegetables)
Artichokes à la barigoule (braised artichokes)

Aperitif with home made Vin d’Orange.
Lunch - the moment to taste the morning’s achievements.
Wine tasting.
Cheese tasting.
Demonstration of the following dessert:

Tarte aux Pignons (Pine nut tart) served with lavender icecream

Time to eat the tart!

*It is important to note that this selection of recipes and class schedule is merely a suggestion and can be altered. There are many possible variations in the selection of recipes and this would change with client’s choice as well as availability of ingredients.